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June 2013

Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC Client the New York State Bioenergy Learning Collaborative Wins $15,000,000

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D-NY) yesterday (6/3/13) awarded $15,000,000 to Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC client the New York State Bioenergy Learning Collaborative as part of round two of the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program. Mosaic clients SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill; SUNY College of Technology at Delhi; and SUNY College of Agriculture at Morrisville will develop and operate three commercial-scale, one megawatt (1 MW) anaerobic biodigesters to produce biogas at each campus, resulting in distributive combined heat and power energy production, waste reduction for expanding local dairy and food processing industries, and develop training for academic, applied expertise and replication of  scalable waste reduction to energy producing initiatives.


Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC principal, Michael R. Brower said, “We were pleased to develop the operational hydraulic mix technology anaerobic biodigesters concept, help assemble the on-campus and off-campus stakeholders, develop and author the proposal and globally advocate for this clearly useful application of renewable and sustainable energy technology. The integration of multi-feedstock capability hydraulic mix technology offered by the New York State Bioenergy Learning Collaborative can ‘turn-the-page’ on rural, suburban and urban combined heat and power opportunities in the U.S. and overseas.”


From Governor Cuomo’s announcement: NYS Bioenergy Learning Collaborative: SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill; SUNY College of Technology at Delhi; and SUNY College of Agriculture at Morrisville.


The NYS Bioenergy Learning Collaborative (NYSBLC) proposes to develop three commercial-scale, one megawatt (1 MW) anaerobic biodigesters at each campus, resulting in energy production, waste reduction for the expanding dairy industry, and training academic and applied expertise for a scalable waste reduction energy producing initiative. The project helps to create an economical avenue to dispose of regional agricultural residuals including cow, horse and other livestock manure, and helps regional farms cost-effectively expand operations including increased capacity to handle waste from animals by supporting the expansion of Combined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) operations.


The project includes partnerships with yogurt producers Chobani and Fage, food processor Beech-Nut, local fast food restaurants including McDonald's and Burger King, Drainmasters, Price Chopper, Kraft Foods, MorningStar Dairy/Ultra Dairy, Freisland-Campania, Martin Growers and regional agricultural communities including dairy farms, feedlots, vegetable growers, apple growers, and other regional agri-businesses for feedstock supply.


The Collaborative is expected to create 200 construction jobs and 30 engineering and project management support jobs at each of the locations for a total of 690 jobs worth over $8 million. The project can also sustain approximately 75 private sector jobs in dairy production, food processing and yogurt manufacturing industries worth more than $3 million with $734,000 in payroll and benefits per year as academic support at the colleges.


Well done to the other round two NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program awardees, which also won $15,000,000 each.


SUNY Institute of Environmental Health and Environmental Medicine: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; SUNY Upstate Medical University; SUNY Oswego; Onondaga Community College; SUNY Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Technology Transfer: SUNY Institute of Technology; Ulster Community College; Dutchess Community College; Rockland Community College; Orange Community College; Westchester Community College; Mohawk Valley Community College; Herkimer Community College; and Morrisville State College. Retooling the Southern Tier: Alfred State; Broome Community College; Corning Community College; Jamestown Community College.

April 2013

Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC Principal Speaks to an International Audience at the 3rd World Congress on Bio-Energy in Nanjing, China

Michael Brower, Mosaic Federal Affairs principal representing clients in biomass/CHP, commercial-scale bio-digesters, waste-to-energy, LED energy efficient lighting, geothermal-electric, defense matters and energy tax policy spoke before an international audience at the 3rd World Congress on Bio-Energy in Nanjing, China.  Speaking at and chairing the Bioenergy Policies Worldwide session, Brower said that renewable resources will account for about half the new electricity capacity installed worldwide over the next five years and that U.S. energy policy uncertainty makes things more difficult for U.S. renewable energy companies.  Brower added, new clean energy projects will generate $1.9T in revenue worldwide through 2018, with about $269 billion in the U.S.; however, today, international competition…particularly from China…limits the U.S.’s once leading role and that the lack of a comprehensive U.S. policy aimed at promoting renewable energy and the on-again, off-again nature of U.S. policies can dramatically inhibit growth of U.S. renewable energy with global effect.  A career Naval Aviation officer, Brower commanded a carrier-based squadron in the first Iraqi War, personally flying 43 combat sorties earning notable U.S. and Saudi combat decorations.  Brower was Special Assistant for Air Warfare communicating U.S. Navy policy to Congress for three Secretaries of the Navy.  Brower has been a New York State agency executive director, bank mutual holding company/bank director, elected Board of Education member, a farmer, a governmental affairs consultant and Director, Community and Governmental Relations at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  Brower established  Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York law firm Hiscock & Barclay LLP, in 2006.  Brower serves the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) as director on the Board of  Directors and  advocates with Congress for ACORE objectives/priorities.


Please click here to be linked to Brower’s presentation.

March 2013

Mosaic Takes California Geothermal Leadership to Meet with Tax Writers

Very successful trip to Washington the week of 3/18/13-3/21/13 with Dave Watson, President of EnergySource LLC and EnergySource Director and co-founder/owner Eric Spomer to talk with key Senate Finance, House Ways & Means (including the Ranking Member and Chair of Select Revenue), Senate Energy and Natural Resources, House Energy & Commerce and White House elected leaders, committee tax counsels and professional staff about 10-year direct payment 30% incentive tax credits for renewable energy technologies. We spoke specifically for EnergySource’s geothermal projects including now under construction Hudson Ranch II (49MW/$400M) and aiming at 2013 construction Imperial Wells (85MW/$660M), but strongly articulated the significant project development advantages and opportunities of 10-year direct payment 30% incentive tax credits for all renewable technologies.

We were honored to have Vice Admiral Denny McGinn (USN-ret), now President of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and one of his top-flight policy advisors Jeramy Shays along for many of the Washington meetings in support as advocates for ACORE’s EnergyFactCheck.org, a research-based, “playing-field leveling with facts” source of reliable information to help de-mystify the half-truths and falsehood swirling around in the energy space. As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan often said, “….Everybody is allowed their own opinions, but nobody is allowed their own facts.” You can find ground truth in the debate with EnergyFactCheck.org.” Equally, Admiral McGinn, as always, was a strong and articulate spokesperson for all renewables regardless of technology.

February 2013

Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC is pleased to announce that on February 7, 2013, Michael R. Brower, Senior Federal Policy Director was elected to the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) Board of Directors. Brower is the handpicked replacement for Colonel William Holmberg, one of the 2001 founders of ACORE, whose leadership was so essential in building ACORE into being today’s “The Go To,” organization able to speak for the entire renewable  energy community regardless of technology or energy sector.

ACORE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. ACORE provides a common advocacy,  informational and educational platform for a wide range of interests in the renewable energy community, focusing on technology, finance and policy. We convene thought leadership forums and create energy industry partnerships to communicate the economic, security and environmental benefits of renewable energy.

The scope of ACORE's nation-wide membership spans every constituencies in the renewable energy sector, including financial institutions, government leaders, educators, end-users and project developers,, professional service providers and allied non-profit groups. ACORE accomplishes much of its work by convening the thought leaders in each of these constituencies, publishing collaborative research, advocating for key issues and facilitating communications among our members, their stakeholders, governmental leaders and the media.

ACORE's Leadership Council is a group of high-level ACORE members representing all sectors of the renewable energy industry. Leadership Council members convene regularly to shape ACORE's policy agenda, discuss strategy, and network with fellow members. Michael Brower has been Mosaic Federal Affair’s Leadership Council representative for several years.

ACORE promotes all renewable energy options for the production of electricity, hydrogen, liquid fuels and end-use energy. In 2012, ACORE established three areas for directional focus, known as our Member Initiatives. These three areas are: National Defense & Security; Power Generation & Infrastructure; and Transportation.

ACORE works to create better understanding of renewable energy facts and  issues through convening and education, and through publications, such as the Interactive Report: Renewable Energy in America -- Markets, Economic Development and Policy in the 50 States; the Renewable Energy Landscape: Market & Technology Overview; U.S. Partners for Renewable Energy Finance (US PREF) white papers and Renewable Energy Fact Check, a tool enabling access to true facts of renewable energy matter; as well as other publications available on ACORE’s Publications web page.

Brower joins nationally recognized group of exceptional renewable energy leaders on the ACORE Board.  Go to
www.ACORE.org to find out more.

December 2012

Brower named to Advisory Board of 7th Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball
Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC Senior Federal Policy Director Michael R. Brower was named on December 10, 2012 to the Advisory Board of the 7th Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball. This bi-partisan celebration is an important Washington tradition over the past 24 years as the environmental and sustainable and renewable energy communities gather to fete a new Administration and make headway toward a more sustainable future.  The Advisory Committee includes former USEPA Administrator William Reilly, former U.S Senator Tim Wirth, VADM Denny McGinn, Amory Lovins, Roger Ballentine, Michael Brower and others and advises and aids an Organizing Committee including Doug Durante of the Clean Fuels Foundation, Jan Hartke of the Clinton Climate Initiative, Bill Holmberg, American Council of Renewable Energy; Scott Sklar of the Stella Group; Carol Werner of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute; John Topping of the Climate Institute, and Burl Haigwood of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition. The Advisory Committee aims to help make the 7th Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball a huge success including personally inviting President and Mrs. Obama and other Washington leaders including Speaker of the House Boehner. The black tie event is at the Sequoia Restaurant located on the Washington Harbour waterfront in Georgetown on Monday January 20th from 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Brower invited to author article in DoD Power Energy & Propulsion
After hearing Michael Brower speak at ACORE's RETECH 2013 in Washington, D.C., Mosaic Federal Affairs, LLC was invited to author an article in “DoD Power Energy & Propulsion“ (PEP), a quarterly Tactical Defense Media Group publication providing the latest information on the DoD's policies, programs and technologies for achieving improved and next-generation energy sources. Mosaic accepted. DoD PEP covers advancements in renewable, alternative energy, bio-fuels, power and propulsion systems used in air, land and sea vehicles, shelters, communications, and other platforms. DoD PEP offers insightful articles and interviews with senior department and industry leaders that plan a key role in the latest fielded product developments and R&D efforts. DoD PEP was keenly interested in our opinion from a U.S. Navy aviation veteran now working in the private sector with renewables and biofuels.  “The Future of the Military and Biofuels“ is to be published in the Spring 2013 issue.

3rd Annual Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-3) at Nanjing, China
Michael R. Brower, Senior Federal Policy Director, Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC was invited to act as Session Chair for Bioenergy Policies Worldwide for the 3rd Annual Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-3) at Nanjing, China, April 25-27, 2013. Brower has also been invited to address the Congress on the self-selected topic, “ Global Bioenergy Policies: What If The US Doesn’t Participate?” Brower has accepted.  As the leading international Congress for bioenergy discovery, development and partnering; WCBE-2013 will continue to offer professionals in bioenergy fields a multidisciplinary informative platform by following the huge success of our previous meetings. Brower was invited back to China after a well-received speech to WCBE-2 in Xi’an, China in April 2012. WCBE-2013 aims to be the most comprehensive bioenergy Congress where discoveries meet opportunities; innovators meet developers; and science translates into business. WCBE-2013 will provide commutation, education and networking opportunities for scientists and policy makers engaged in bioenergy whether in academia, biotech or industry. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the bioenergy field.

November 2012

Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC and SUNY Cobleskill SVP Regina LaGatta share biodigester renewable energy strategy with Congressman Paul Tonko from House Science Committee

October 2012

Mosaic spoke at the 4th Annual Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition (RETECH) to be held October 17-19, 2012 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.

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Mosaic meets with Bill Clinton during his recent visit to Central New York.

Mosaic meets up with Bill Clinton during his visit to Syracuse, NY.

September 2012

Mosaic travels to Republic of the Philippines and Thailand as a Representative on a U.S. Department of Commerce, Gold Key Renewable Energy Trade Mission 9/13/12-9/23/12. Mosaic was selected because of experience on funded projects including an operational 21MW woody biomass combined heat and power project, a 600-acre purpose grown woody biomass project, a second 49.9 MW triple-flash “very high-temperature” (600F+) geothermal power plant following commissioning of the first  $400,000,000 49.9 MW plant in May 2012, development of new, off-shore geothermal resources in promising high-temperature resources and at least three distributive agricultural/food processing residue anaerobic digester-to-combined heat and power/cooling projects operating in the 1- 4MW range.

Mosaic enjoys extensive development experience with energy crops, distributed generation, district heating and cooling, biomass conversion to liquid fuels projects and has very recently been tasked to prepare for several thermal (gasification) MSW/residues to energy developments including landfill gas (methane) distributive power generation. Additionally, Mosaic is significantly involved in an advancing international collaboration for water quality assurance including deployment of modular membrane water and waste water treatment systems for facilities and shipboard ballast water treatment. Mosaic is proud of our environmental contributions, most importantly clean air and water through deployment, use and applications of state-of-the-art clean technologies and controls.

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June 2012

Mosaic leads the way advocating that the Defense Threat Reduction Agency re-focus on their primary published goal of detection of chemicals and next generation explosives. Mosaic also advocated for light-weight, “man-portable” detection units to protect our men and women in combat with special attention to protecting our Special Operations war-fighters. The matter was resolved in the FY 2013 House Armed Services Committee report accompanying the FY 2013 National Defense Authorizations Act.

April 2012

Mosaic spoke at the 2nd Annual World Congress of Bioenergy-2012 (WCBE-2012), on “Advancing Federal Biomass Policy Through Legislative Initiatives,” April 25-28, 2012, in Xi'an, China in the Global Bioenergy Economy and Policy segment of this international event. 

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January 2012

Mosaic participates in the U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum: Collaboration on Technology, Procurement and Finance Solutions to Enhance National Defense.


December 2011

Mosaic speaks to the National Research Council in Washington, D.C. about Leveraging Private Capital For Federal Hyrdoelectric Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations.  

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Mosaic speaks to the American Council on Renewable Energy/Biomass Coordinating Council Phase II Conference Members Day on ACORE's Biomass Definition and Section 1603 Cash Grants in Lieu of Tax Equity Credits for renewable generation.

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November 2011

Mosaic leads American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) delegation including ACORE President Vice Admiral Dennis “Denny“ McGinn to Capitol Hill to meet with key Republican and Democratic Energy & Commerce, Ways & Means and Transportation and Infrastructure Members of Congress and committee Professional Staffs to discuss ACORE's Biomass Definition, Section 1603 Cash Grants In Lieu of Tax Equity Credits for renewable generation and the USEPA Biogenic CO2 Framework.

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October 2011

Mosaic coordinates with New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation, New York State Empire Development Corporation, United States Department of Agriculture/Rural Development and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority in support of the Center of Excellence in Watershed Applications of Technology for Economic Revitalization (COE in WATER) and their innovative regional economic development strategy.

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July 2011

Mosaic leads client delegation to meet with key House and Senate Republican and Democratic Energy & Commerce, Natural Resources, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Senate Environment and Public Works and Transportation and Infrastructure Members of Congress and committee Professional Staffs to discuss Leveraging Private Capital For Federal Hydroelectric Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations.

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June 2011

Mosaic helps “roll out” the bipartisan House Biomass Caucus Co-Chaired by Congressman Charley Bass (R-NH) and Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT)

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January 2011

Mosaic provides an opinion-editorial to ACORE.

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Mosaic influences US EPA decision for more study on PSD/Tailoring Rule.

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Message From Mosaic Federal Affairs
Openness in the Legislative Process

We find ourselves halfway through the 112th Congress, Mosaic Federal Affairs LLC reiterates that we firmly believe that legislative openness is a good, fair idea. No wonder, it's the same standard Mosaic has always used and always will use.

Thanks for your continued special trust and confidence as we continue our third decade of helping our constituent clients achieve their goals via honorable front-line advocacy in our client’s best interests, ensuring client access to federal decision-makers and liaison with elected leadership and committee and personal staffs as designed in the U.S. Constitution.

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